Nikolay Michaylov | Cinematographer | Director


Writer/Director: Kazik Radwanksi
Producer: Dan Montgomery, Kazik Radwanski / MDFF
Canada / 7 minutes / 16:9

Told entirely through close details of hands and objects, Cutaway portrays a phase in the life of a single young man as he works as a labourer, pursues relationships with women, and comes to terms with a life changing event.

This Short Film Was Made Entirely of Cutaway Shots, VICE, 2015
“… Kazik Radwanski’s CUTAWAY (Review)”, The Seventh Art, 2014
In His Hands: The Audacious Formal Device in Kazik Radwanksi’s Cutaway, The Criterion Collection, 2020

*67th Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland 2014
*Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France 2015
*TIFF Canada’s Top Ten, Toronto 2015
*Museum of the Moving Image: First Look, New York 2015
*Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo 2014
*International Film Festival Message to Man, Russia 2014
*Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, United Kingdom 2014
*Oldenburg Film festival, Germany 2014
*Hamptons International Film Festival, New York 2014
*Chicago International Film Festival, Illinois 2014
*Starz Denver Film Festival, Colorado 2014
*St. Louis International Film Festival, Missouri 2014
*Atlantic Film Festival, Nova Scotia 2014
*Vancouver International Film Festival, British Columbia 2014
*Calgary International Film Festival, Alberta 2014
*Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Quebec, 2014
*”Ça s’ra pas long” at cinema Excentris, Quebec 2014
*International Film Festival Bratislava, Slovakia 2014
*Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Brazil 2014
*Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia 2014
*Żubroffka Short Film Festival, Poland 2014
*Aguilar de Campoo International Short Film Festival, Spain 2014
*Tabakalera Labo, Spain 2015
*Glasgow International Film Festival, Scotland 2015
*Dallas International Film Festival, Texas 2015